About Us

More than forty years ago our parents and grandparents started building our small family costume shop in California. Their hard work and passion for the art of costuming quickly became one of the West Coast's leading uniform and costume business; manufacturing products all made in the USA.

Since then, we have designed and manufactured costumes and uniforms for some of the world's most distinguished and demanding costume clients, such as: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, The Walt Disney Company, Universal and Paramount Studios.

While searching the Internet, my brother and I saw a complete lack of quality high-end costumes being made available to the average consumer. Through our Internet travels, we discovered that many of the Adult Costumes and Kids Costumes we saw were available at every chain store or costume website in the U.S. We know that our customers might not want the same costumes as everyone else.

We decided to make it our goal to provide unique, movie quality costumes, all manufactured and produced here in the USA for both Adults and Kids at an affordable price... directly to you. We also make it our goal to provide the best with a complete line of Theatrical Makeup, Costume Hats and Costume Shoes. With our team of seamstresses and customer service team we take pride in our business.

That’s why we created our exclusive lines of costumes such as: American Heritage, Ancient World, Famous Explorers, International Heritage, and Victorian/Steampunk Costumes. We make it our goal so that you the consumer have a choice of not only quality costumes, but costumes made in the USA.

Our family, our business not only wants you to have a good shopping experience but to offer an experience that exceeds your expectations.


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