Egyptian Snake Armband

Egyptian Armband Snake Armband

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 Includes: Egyptian adjustable snake armband.

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The cobra was a significant royal symbol in ancient Egypt. A rearing cobra, hood flared, ready to strike, was drawn and sculpted as an image called a uraeus, which refers to protection. One creation myth relates that the sacred eye of a creator-god discovered it had been overshadowed by the sun and turned itself into a deadly cobra in a rage. To placate the eye, the god placed it on his head, transforming the striking cobra into the sign for protection of kings.

This Gold Snake Costume Armband/Bracelet is incredibly versatile and makes the ideal addition to any Egyptian costume! Featuring a bright, padded gold body, red tongue, eyes and an interior wire, this serpent can be twisted into a bracelet, headband, armband, or anklet!


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At times, jewelry was merely vainglorious ornamentation. More often than not, however, baubles and trinkets were worn to either symbolize the wearer's prestige and eminence, or to act as religious protection against evil spirits, nefarious deities and the fickleness of luck.

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