Aviator Flight Scarf

Aviator Flight Scarf

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Includes: A Synthetic White Scarf. 12' X 70" with 4" Fringes.

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Why did Open Cockpit and WWI pilots wear dashing white scarves?

Why not a nice plaid? The white scarf is a classic, worn by everyone from Charles Lindbergh to Snoopy. The scarf prevented neck chafing as the pilots scanned the not-so-friendly skies looking for enemy aircraft.  Of course, scarves looked great, but the white color served a real purpose, and here’s why: While flying in an open-cockpit bi-plane a pilot was vulnerable to the elements. Prop wash prevented most of the bugs-in-the teeth enjoyed by happy motorcyclists, but rain and fog could still accumulate on the pilot’s goggles. Even worse, those old engines were prone to leak oil, and that could splatter upon the pilots, too. Those goggles had to be wiped clean, so the pilots would put their convenient scarfs to double-duty clearing the lenses. They used a white scarf so that they could be sure that it was itself clean, as an oily rag would just make matters worse. Therefore the pilots sported a white scarf.

As you fly faster and farther, limit your exposure to the elements with this white aviator scarf so you can enjoy your pilot experience.


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Self:100% Polyester

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