Aviation Flight Helmet

Aviator Flight Helmet

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Includes: One Size, distressed leather-like, Aviator flight helmet with a faux fur lining and adjustable chin strap.

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Head-coverings and protection for the hands and feet were essential components of the pilot's flight gear.

During the first years of aviation pilots started wearing leather flying helmets with chinstrap, along with goggles to protect the cranium, block engine noise, and enable the eyes to see in the high winds of the slipstream. Leather was becoming a popular choice for protective gear with the rise of motorsport and aviation at the start of the 1900s. It had many advantages that made it the ideal material for flying helmets. It was warm, durable, impermeable to liquids therefore waterproof, flexible and could be cut to curve around the head. It is wind-proof and has the great advantage of not accumulating dust. It was also found that leather helmets offered a level of protection against fire.

So set yourself apart from the earthbound multitudes, with this leather-like aviator flight helmet with a faux fur lining and adjustable chin strap and become one of the intrepid daredevils of the sky.



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The invention of the airplane in 1903 was followed by a specialized line of equipment designed to meet the needs of its operator and new master of the air—the aviator.

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