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Black Vinyl Pirate Belt
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Buccaneer Pirate Belt

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Includes: One vinyl belt with gold buckle, 4” wide belt and can be adjusted from 40" to 48"

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The era of piracy in the Caribbean began in the 1500s and died out in the 1830s after the navies of the nations of Western Europe and North America with colonies in the Caribbean began combating pirates. The period during which pirates were most successful was from the 1660s to 1730s.

No infamous pirate captain in the Caribbean would be without a Pirates belt, “to hold up his britches”…

This Swashbuckler Pirate Belt, is a 4” vinyl belt with gold buckle, and can be adjusted to fit any High Seas Pirate up to 48”. To complete that true Pirate look, you should wear a wide Pirate sash under your Pirate belt.


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The Golden Age of Piracy is a common designation given to usually one or more outbursts of piracy in the maritime history of the early modern period.

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