William Bonney Costume

Billy "The Kid" Western Costume

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Includes: long fully-lined Victorian frock coat, black brocade formal vest, white shirt and old west derby hat.

NOT INCLUDED, but a must for any Western Outlaw: Western Gun Holster and Western Six Shooter.

Our Adult Billy The Kid Costume is a Heritage Costumes exclusive. Made with quality and pride in the USA.

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A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Heritage Costumes has created a professional line of historical clothing and costumes. We specialize in authentic looking fashion and style. These high quality costumes are built to last, and can be used for many different characters and periods throughout history.

Shoot outs, robberies, and all kinds of violent crimes are what made the western United States the Wild West. While plenty of lawmen earned fame and historic reputations in the west, the outlaws garnered far more attention and notoriety. And when it comes to the villains of the Wild West, there’s perhaps none as well-known or as deadly as Billy the Kidd. The man who made history as an outlaw, gunfighter, and murderer of 8 men lived only 21 years, but he certainly left his mark on the western frontier of American.

Billy the Kid was born Henry McCarty in 1859. He was orphaned by age 13, leaving McCarty with absolutely nothing — so he resorted to stealing to eat, earning his first arrest by age 16. After that first arrest for stealing food, McCarty quickly began racking up criminal charges. He was arrested just two days later for robbery, fled from the New Mexico Territory into the Arizona Territory to escape criminal charges, and committed crimes along the way. In just a few months, McCarty was both an outlaw and a fugitive of the federal government. 

But the boy who would become Billy the Kid wasn’t slowing down. In fact, he was growing more dangerous each day. In August 1877, now going by the pseudonym William H. Bonney, the famous outlaw committed his first murder when he killed a blacksmith in Arizona. He fled back to New Mexico, where he quickly joined the Regulators, an outlaw gang of murderers. With the Regulators, Billy the Kid murdered three more men. He quieted down for a few years, but in 1880 Billy the Kid was back at it when he shot and killed an innocent man at a New Mexico saloon. Now, Billy the Kid was wanted — and newspapers from the Las Vegas Gazette to The Sun in New York City spread word that the Kid was a wanted man on the run. 

Billy the Kid was captured in 1881 and sentenced to hang. However, he escaped from jail, killing two sheriff’s deputies on the way out. Furious, Sheriff Pat Floyd Garrett hunted Billy the Kid for two months until he finally found him at Fort Sumner in July 1881. The sheriff shot and killed Billy the Kid on the spot, and the legendary young outlaw was finally finished with his life of crime.

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes Famous People collection of quality costume clothing, this Billy the Kid western costume is authentic to the 1800s and the attire worn by the famed outlaw of the Wild West. You’ll look just like the murderous criminal himself when you don this historically accurate costume set. To capture Billy the Kid’s western attire accurately, this costume includes a long, fully lined Victorian frock coat, a black brocade formal vest, a white shirt, and an Old West derby hat. You’ll look the part of a man out for blood with this costume set straight out of the 19th century.

Of course, every western outlaw costume needs a few accessories, too. No man — criminal or otherwise — on the western frontier during the 19th century went without his western holster, revolver, old fashioned pocket watch, cowboy boots, black formal pants, and rifle. If you’d like to enhance your Billy the Kid costume with our Heritage Costume accessories (which are not included with the purchase of this costume), you can pair this costume outfit with these options from our wide selection of added details to create your very own personalized costume.

This high-quality Billy the Kid western costume can be used for a period ball, historical reenactment, masquerade, or simply experiencing a day in the life of an outlaw living in the Wild West during the 1800s. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this Billy the Kid Famous People costume is built to last.


Billy the Kid Costume
+ Western Six Shooter + Black Adjustable Suspenders
Doc Holiday Moustache & Goatee + Western Spurs

Buy Western Pistol Six Shooter, Black Suspenders, Doc Holiday Old West Moustache & Goatee Set, Western Cowboy Spurs and get Billy "The Kid" Western Costume at an additional 15% off our everyday low price.

Total Price: $243.85
Price for the Bundle: $215.35

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There is much legend surrounding American History of the wild west when it comes to American outlaws and lawmen. The odd thing is that on occasion, the two were interchangeable and a lawman might have been a bandit previously in another state.

Fabric Content:
Self: 100% Polyester Shell
Lining: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Prints: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Faux Suede 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Trims: Very/Polyester & Cotton Blend

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