Apostle Nativity Costume

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Apostle Robe Nativity Costume - Includes: biblical Kafatan (robe) with full sleeves, Sudra (head scarf), multi-colored waist sash (color/pattern will vary), and waist belt (rope).

One Size (Up to 50" Chest) - Adjustable with robe belt and Sash.

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Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Heritage Costumes has created a professional line of historical clothing and costumes. We specialize in authentic-looking fashion and style. These high-quality costumes are built to last and can be used for many characters and historical periods.

The history of the apostles does start in the books of the Bible. The genealogies of the original 12 disciples of Jesus were most important to the scholars of the day. We have many other documents that were supposedly written about the same time as the Bible but were not included in our modern-day Bible. Some of these are 'Acts' of Paul, the 'Shepherd of Hermas,' 'The Revelation of Peter,' 'The Epistle of Barnabas,' 'The teachings of the Apostles,' and 'The Revelation of John.'

We have a great selection of adult biblical & ancient history costumes, which allows you to dress the part in your next Christmas Pageant or Christmas Play.

One Size (Up to 50" Chest) - Adjustable with robe belt and Sash.

Apostle Robe Nativity Costume - Includes: biblical Kafatan (robe) with full sleeves, Sudra (head scarf) , multi colored waist sash (color/pattern will vary) and waist belt (rope).


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The clothing of the people in Biblical times was made from wool, linen, animal skins, and perhaps silk. Most events in the Old and New Testament take place in Ancient Israel, and thus most Biblical clothing is ancient Hebrew clothing.

Fabric Content:
Self: 100% Polyester Shell
Lining: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Prints: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton.
Faux Suede 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Trims: Very/Polyester & Cotton Blend

Cleaning Instructions:
* Most items made from polyester/cotton blend treat as polyester.
* Most items made from polyester can be machine washed and dried.
* Use warm water and add a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle.
* Machine dry at low temperature setting and remove articles as soon as the tumbling cycle is complete.
* If ironing is needed, use a moderately warm iron.
* Most items made from polyester can be dry-cleaned.

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