Boy's Colonial Shoe

Boys Colonial Buckle Shoes

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Includes: One pair of children’s colonial 1” heel shoe with attached buckle.


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Kids's shoes were made in a great variety of styles and qualities. Fashionable low-heeled shoes or pumps were of softer leather, coarse common shoes of sturdier leathers. Black was by far the most usual color, and only occasionally were other colors seen. While buckles were the primary mode of fastening, ties were worn for utilitarian purposes.

These boys colonial period shoes are made of synthetic faux leather with a 1” heel and, are good for occiaionel use in reinactments, but are not meant for everyday wear.

Includes: One pair of children’s colonial 1” heel shoe with attached buckle.

We recommend a thick sock if your shoe size is on the smaller side of the shoe size.


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To remove stains:

Make a soap and warm water solution using a mild liquid detergent. Wipe the fabric gently with a non-abrasive sponge, until all the visible dirt is removed.

Remove tough stains by spraying with an alcohol-based all-purpose cleaner, like Formula 409. It will have a better chance of removing stains other than food and dirt.

Rinse the faux leather thoroughly using warm water and a clean, non-soapy sponge. Make sure to get in the crevices of faux leather so that soap suds or dirt do not get lodged in small cracks or folds.

Wipe the surface dry with a lint-free towel.

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