Roman Girl's Costume

Calpurnia Pisonis Children's Roman Costume

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Includes: toga dress with Roman style trim, shoulder drape, and matching headband.

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With our ancient history line of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman clothing, these historical costumes will enable your child to look their very best for their next ancient history event or report. They can be used for many different figures, both fictional and historical, throughout the various periods of ancient times. Your child will be proud when he or she wears this ancient Roman costume to his or her next play, production, or event.

Calpurnia Pisonis, the daughter of Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, is best known as the third and last wife of ill-fated dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. She married Julius Caesar in 59 BC at only 16 years of age. Though no children ever resulted from their union, she is supposed to have helped raise and care for Caesar's daughter Julia born from a previous marriage.

According to historical tradition, Calpurnia allegedly had a premonition of her husband's assassination and tried to warn him (though it was in vain). Calpurnia also encouraged Decimus Jumius Brutus to send word to the senate that Caesar was sick on the day they planned his muder, but Caesar refused to lie. Following Caesar's death on the Ides of March (March 15th) of 44 BC, Calpurnia never remarried. It is speculated this was because she harbored a deep passion for Caesar, and contrary to popular belief she was a shy and humble woman. Her fate after Caesar's assassination is unknown as are the circumstances surrounding her death.

This costume includes: toga dress with Roman style trim, shoulder drape, and matching headband.


Girl's Roman Costume
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