There is perhaps no piece of clothing more famous in history than the tunic. The attire of choice during the years of the Roman Empire’s power and expansion, the tunic was worn by Greeks, Romans, ancient Europeans, and individuals hoping to invoke the same style as these storied ancients for years after the empire’s fall. Simple and undecorated, the Roman tunic holds a place in history as the clothing of great thinkers, remarkable leaders, and a historic group of people.

In the era of ancient Rome, the tunic was central to everyday life and every person, men and women alike. It didn’t matter whether you were a farmer or shopkeeper, a politician or senator. Romans like Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, Caligula, Ovid, and Marcus Aurelius alike all wore the iconic tunic. Though Roman culture contained a number of social classes, everyone wore a tunic. The lowest classes — the plebians, herdsmen, and slaves — wore the plainest tunics made from coarse fabric in dark shades. Romans of the patrician class donned tunics in white wool or linen, while members of the military wore similar tunics. Those of the most importance in Roman society, the magistrates, wore the best quality tunics in white, decorated with different accents to show their role and status.

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes collection of historical clothing, this burgundy Roman tunic is authentic to the fashion and style of ancient Rome and its storied empire. This full-length tunic is ideal for ancient history inspired events, featuring a white sheath decorated with Roman-style trim along the tunic’s bottom hem and a braided belt. Pair this Roman tunic with our other ancient history costume pieces and accessories, such as a wreath headpiece, Roman sandals, and Roman sword to create a personalized look inspired by the most famous attire of the Roman empire. 

This high-quality costume can be used for a period ball, historical reenactment, masquerade, or simply experiencing a day in the life of an ancient Roman in the earliest days of history. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this Roman tunic is built to last.