Alexander Hamilton may have been one of America’s Founding Fathers, but it wasn’t until recently that history brought his name and life to fame. The central figure of Broadway’s Hamilton: An American Musical and a newly beloved American leader, Alexander Hamilton is finally becoming recognized for much more than a duel and writing essays during the colonial era. 



Born in 1755, Alexander Hamilton became an orphan at a young age. He ended up in New York as a teenager, and suddenly his life changed. As the colonies began to talk of a revolt against England, young Hamilton entered the political arena. He became an avid supporter of the Revolutionary War, even becoming a senior aide to George Washington and helping the future first president lead the Continental Army. Once the war ended, Hamilton was elected to the Congress of the Confederation — and, with a strong desire to replace the new nation’s weak government with a strong centralized force, Hamilton helped get the Constitution ratified by writing a number of essays for The Federalist Papers. 



After helping to establish America’s government, Alexander Hamilton took an active role in running it. During George Washington’s presidency, Hamilton was both a trusted cabinet member and the head of the Treasury Department. He created the first national bank, the Bank of the United States, and established new taxes; he also founded the Federalist political party, created a nationwide network of bankers and businessmen, and was responsible for forging friendly relations with England. 


Most famously, though, Alexander Hamilton ended his political career and life with a duel. Years after working in politics, Hamilton became a New York lawyer. However, he persuaded many voters to turn against Aaron Burr when Burr ran for president; Hamilton again campaigned against Burr when Burr ran for governor of New York in 1804. Burr became so enraged by Hamilton’s accusation that Burr was “unworthy” of the office that he challenged Hamilton to a duel — and Burr shot and mortally wounded Hamilton during that duel.


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