Though colonial clothing represents 18th century America, the varying pieces of these elegant items still capture attention today. The styles of the colonial years were all vastly different, representing a person’s status in society — the royal wear of the governors, the detailed garments of landowners, and the casual workwear of the indentured servants or slaves all captured the great diversity of the country in the colonial time period.


Also known as a colonial frock coat, this black colonial jacket reflects the outermost layer of clothing donned by 18th-century men and boys. Worn atop a waistcoat and breeches, the colonial jacket was worn straight and loose, adding fullness at the hips with a knee-length flare. The style gained popularity in the late 17th century, as wealthy landowners and high-class colonial citizens topped off every outfit with a fashionable coat like this. A colonial jacket held great importance for boys of the era, as the grown-up looking piece was awarded to boys around age six or seven to signal their transition from infant to a young man.


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