The most essential piece of a colonial man’s attire was his coat. Also known as a dress coat, colonial coats were the outermost piece of clothing, the main way others in the community could tell a man’s class and status.


During the 18th century, a man’s coat was his attire’s final layer. Worn over a waistcoat (or vest) and breeches, the colonial dress coat was meant to cover everything. Long, straight, and loose in design, these men’s jackets fell past a man’s hips and just above his knees. Many featured slightly full skirts. By the 1770s, men’s dress coats were becoming increasingly fashionable — some men wore colonial coats that featured collars, pleats, and more prominent skirts. Yet no matter a man’s style, he never left the house without his coat.


With over (8) colors to choose from, this colonial frock coat features matching lapels, with contrasting flaps, and decorative buttons. 


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