The Roman army is perhaps one of the most famous armies in all of history. Commanding, protecting, and fighting on behalf of the largest empire in the world, the soldiers of the Roman army are truly legendary. They fought in some of the earliest wars, waged battles to take new territories, and fiercely fought to expand Rome’s influence for centuries. But these soldiers were also among the very best and the most respected members of Ancient Roman society.


During the prime of the Ancient Roman Empire, all Roman army officers were called centurions. Centurions were given their official title in 107 BC, with each centurion placed in command of a group of about 80 to 100 legionaries, or foot soldiers in the infantry. Centurions were considered more skilled and more valuable to the Roman army, so they were paid more — in some cases, 17 times more than the average soldier. And as the Roman Empire grew, so did centurions’ status. They become even more senior members of the military, commanding bigger and bigger troops and moving up in rank as the army grew in size.


When dressing for their station or for battle, centurions wore the traditional clothing of the Roman army. They donned helmets made from silver with a colorful plume on top made from ostrich or peacock feathers. Underneath their chest armor, centurions wore a red tunic with a cloak or cape draped over top. In hand, centurions carried either circular or rectangular shields stamped with the signs of the Imperial era. 


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