A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

During the Victorian era, girls wore clothing that closely mirrored the styles adopted by their mothers. Dressed in miniature versions of women, girls’ dresses in the 19th century were long and covered almost the entire body. Sewn from linen and cotton, a typical girls’ dress during the 1800s featured modest necklines and long sleeves, with hemlines that reached the ground. Younger girls tended to wear ankle length Victorian dresses to keep the mud and dirt away during play.

For girls who lived on the forefront of America’s newest frontier, the prairie, high-class and fanciful dress styles simply wouldn’t do during the Victorian era. Instead, as they traveled by wagon train along the Oregon Trail and headed west to new territories in the Great Plains, pioneer women and girls worked hard — and they needed clothes that could stand up to their rougher lifestyle. So, the Victorian dress styles of the 1800s were adopted in different fabrics to suit life on the prairie.

Your child can capture the colorful yet simple fashion of the pioneer era with this 19th century period dress. This plaid dress evokes the traditional style of pioneer women like young Willa Cather and Annie Oakley who braved the trials of the west with their families as children. Crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton, our Victorian plaid dress features a back zipper. It’s the perfect piece to don when you’re revisiting America’s westward lands during the 1800s. Young pioneer girls wore dresses like this every day, keeping protected from the bright sun as well as staying stylish.

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes collection of historical clothing, this 1800s period dress is authentic to the fashion and style of 19th century America and the pioneer era. This high-quality costume dress can be used for Victorian-themed school events, a history lesson, or simply a fun day of dressing up to experience life as a 19th century girl. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this period dress reflecting the style of the 1800s is built to last.

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