A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Young girls have donned the pinafore apron for decades throughout American history. Even famed fictional figures like Jane Eyre and Alice from Alice in Wonderland top their dresses with white pinafore apron. First popularized in England, the pinafore made its way to colonial America and quickly became a staple for girls of all ages. A pinafore became both a decorative and protective accessory, adding a bit of style to any dress with its ruffles (also known as wings) atop the shoulders. With an open back, the pinafore was easy to wear with no buttons or other challenging attachments. Little girls traditionally wore pinafores decorated with ribbon or bow trim, but older girls kept their aprons plain.

An exclusive piece in our American Heritage collection of historical costume accessories, this pinafore apron is authentic to the rustic style of 18th century America, the ideal addition to any Old West or colonial period look. Meant to be a complement to our many different period pieces, you can mix and match the pinafore apron to suit any piece of your choosing. This white-colored accessory includes an adjustable tie to wrap the pinafore apron around your waist for a colonial-ready look. Add this pinafore to one of our children’s Prairie, frontier, or period dresses for a perfectly authentic costume suitable for any day of hard work inside or outdoors.

This Heritage Costumes exclusive adaptable accessory can be used for school events, history lessons, or simply a fun day of experiencing life as a 18th-century child. If you’re performing a day full of hard work like the colonial or Old West girls of the past, this apron will protect your attire. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this pinafore apron is built to last.