The colonial era was truly a trying time for the Thirteen Colonies and the people who lived in the new, unfamiliar world of America. Hardship after hardship made everyday life difficult in ways the colonists had never experienced, yet these hardy pioneers persevered — in fact, they went above and beyond, fighting against the new threats of their homeland and the threats imposed by British rule from across the Atlantic Ocean. Though men are remembered as the soldiers and the loudest voices of colonial America and its revolutionary era, women also played a significant role.

Because life in the colonies was filled with dangers and challenges, women were in charge of life within the home. Women and young girls tended to important matters like building a home, watching over young children, and preparing everything from meals to education plans to care of the home’s necessities. Although this may seem like simple work, it was difficult — and it was messy. Living in the somewhat wild and natural environment of colonial cities and neighborhoods meant encountering dirt, grime, and much more. So, to protect their clothing from damage, resourceful colonial women wore mob caps and shawls.

The colonial mob cap was worn by both adults and children. Women and young girls wore mob caps, sometimes also called mop caps, over their hair. It prevented others from seeing their un-styled hair when out in public and kept the hair from encountering dirt so washing wasn’t needed. Hats were often worn over mob caps, and mob caps could function as linen or cotton protectors. The shawl similarly protected a woman’s or girl’s attire when out of the house. Draped over the shoulders and made of linen, cotton, or lace, the shawl covered dresses from dirt and gave the wearer a bit of added style to look more polished.

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