A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

From the moment the Pilgrims touched the shores of America at Plymouth Rock to the years during which pioneers explored the country's western territory, the apron played an important role in the clothing of women and girls. The apron first gained popularity when Puritan women began wearing the simple attire of long black dresses covered with white aprons. The Puritans and Pilgrims chose simple, functional aprons meant to protect their dresses from dirt — and even young girls adopted the protective accessory. Girls too wore long half aprons throughout the 17th century, the colonial era, and the pioneer years. Plain, long half aprons were often the first garment girls learned how to sew so they could craft their own for years to come.

An exclusive piece in our American Heritage collection of historical costume accessories, this long half apron is authentic to America’s colonial era as well as the rustic style of the pioneer era. Meant to be a compliment to our many 18th and 19th century pieces, you can mix and match the long half apron to any piece of your choosing. This add-on accessory includes an adjustable tie to wrap the apron around your waist for a work-ready look over any Puritan, colonial, or prairie dress. Add this apron to one of our children’s period dresses for a perfectly authentic costume suitable for any westward trek to new territory, or the day exploring life in the pre-Revolution colonial years.

This adaptable accessory can be used for school events, history lessons, or simply a fun day of experiencing life as a 18th-century colonist or 19th-century prairie pioneer. If you’re performing a day full of hard work as the young girls of the past, this apron will protect your attire. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this long half apron is built to last.