A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Furs have been popular since the first Europeans stepped on America’s shores. Both the French and the British spent the 1600s traveling through North America, trapping beaver and turning the pelts into everything from hats and wraps to coats and cloaks. After the Revolutionary War, American men began following in the European’s footsteps, heading out into the unknown to trap beavers and explore the entirely new terrain. These men, including famed surveyors Lewis and Clark and trailblazer John Colter, traversed the Rocky Mountains and plotted a new future for the country.

Explorers like these quickly became popular, inspiring mountain men and fur trappers to follow in their footsteps. Throughout the 19th century, men headed west with only what they could carry on their backs. Mountain men like bear trainer John “Grizzly” Adams, frontiersman Jedediah Smith, and pioneer Daniel Boone survived on their own — and they crafted their clothing from the fur of animals they trapped.

An exclusive piece in our American Heritage collection of historical costume accessories, this faux fur trapper collar is authentic to America’s history of explorers and frontiersmen. The faux fur trapper collar accessory is representative of the types of fur pieces worn by mountain men who trapped beavers across the United States during the 1800s. Meant to be a complement to our many 19th century pieces, you can mix and match the faux fur trapper collar to any piece of your choosing. This add-on accessory is one size fits all, a perfect piece for both children and adults seeking an authentic and inspiring trapper look. Add this collar to one of our frontier-era costumes for a perfectly authentic outfit suitable for any westward trek to new territory, or day trapping game in the mountains.

This adaptable accessory can be used for school events, history lessons, or simply a fun day of experiencing life as a 19th-century trapper or frontiersman. If you’re performing a day full of hard work like the explorers of the past, this faux fur collar will keep you warm in any climate. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this trapper’s collar is built to last.