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American Revolutionary War Children's Continental Army Uniform
American Revolutionary War Children's Continental Army Uniform

American Revolutionary War Children's Continental Army Uniform Jacket

$84.97 - $89.97
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Included A Navy Polyester Gaberdine Continental Army Frock Coat with contrasting Red Lapels with Whitetails and Uninstalled Detachable Gold Shank Buttons that use hitch pin clips to attach. Please note that buttons may vary from those pictured.

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In 1779, Gen. Washington devised a plan to take advantage of the newfound wealth the alliance with France would bring. The several volunteer regiments of the States would be grouped into Corps areas by geographic region. Each Corps area would wear a distinctive outer coat. All the coats to be blue. Facings in white, buff, red, and blue, respectively. 


The colors worn on uniforms had more meaning than mere fashion that caught civilian acceptance. It tended to build pride in the company or regiment. Battlefields were often shrouded in the cannon and gun smoke. Commanders could discern the uniform colors through the haze and then could order logistical changes of location by identifying friend from foe. The British red coat, or the blue color used by the Continentals, would distinguish friend from an enemy in the chaos of a battlefield.


Artillery officers would have worn this blue Continental Army coat with red facings & whitetail along with the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & Virginia Regiments.


All colonial military jackets come with detachable buttons that attach with hitch pin clips; this helps prolong the life of the coat during washes and allows for effortless button customization. 


Pair with our wide selection of colonial military clothing parts and accessories to create your very own personalized colonial uniform.



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American Revolutionary War Children's Continental Army Uniform Jacket
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Children’s clothing for both Boys and Girls is the same size. Size is based on either the child’s weight and length in pounds and inches or on specific measurements (chest, waist, and hip).

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Self: 100% Polyester

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