Children's Purple Frock Coat with Velvet Lapels

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Includes: A fully-lined Willy Wonka inspired, Victorian frock coat (Edwardian Jacket) with matching velvet lapels.
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A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Willy Wonka is a fictional character in Roald Dahl's 1964 children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

A 1971 film adaptation starring Gene Wilder as Wille Wonka is how Mr. Wonka has hidden five Golden Tickets amongst his famous "Wonka Bars". The finders of these special tickets will be given a full tour of his tightly guarded candy factory as well as a lifetime supply of chocolate. During the tour, Wonka tempts each of the bad children to disobey his orders with something related to their individual character flaws. One by one, each child disappears from the tour until, eventually, Charlie Bucket is the only remaining child. Charlie and Grandpa Joe also succumb to temptation and purposefully sample "Fizzy Lifting Drinks," Mr. Wonka's experimental line of soda products that allows the drinker to fly, only to come close to death (the drinks are too strong, and therefore, not ready).

Wonka informs Charlie that the tour is over, abruptly dismisses him and Grandpa Joe, and disappears into his office without mentioning the promised prize of a lifetime supply of chocolate. They both go into Wonka's office to confront him, where Grandpa Joe asks about the prize, but Wonka tells him that Charlie does not get it because he broke the rules, and angrily refers to the forfeiture clause of the contract signed by Charlie and the other ticket holders. Charlie's part in the "theft" of Fizzy Lifting Drinks which he and Grandpa Joe drank earlier means that he violated the contract and therefore, he receives nothing. Wonka dismisses them with a furious "Good Day Sir!". Grandpa Joe angrily berates him for destroying the hopes of his grandson, but Wonka stops him by losing his patience and telling him in frustration that he said "Good Day". Grandpa Joe vows to get revenge on Wonka by selling the Everlasting Gobstopper to Slugworth (Wonka's rival), but Charlie decides to return the gobstopper to Wonka's desk. Wonka joyfully tells him he's passed his test, reinstates his grand prize, apologizes for putting Charlie through that test, and reveals that "Slugworth," who had been spying on the kids, was actually an employee of his named "Wilkinson." The trio enter the great glass elevator and go high to the sky where Wonka reveals that Charlie, as well as Grandpa Joe and his whole family,  will move into the factory, and Charlie will take over its business when Wonka retires, reminding Charlie not to forget what happened to the man who got everything he ever wanted: "He lived happily ever after."

Portray "The Candy Man" the bizarre candy owner of the world-famous Wonka chocolate factory, in this infamous Purple Frock Coat. In search of an honest child to whom you could entrust your candy-making secrets, and properly take care of your beloved factory working friends, the Oompa-Loompas.


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Childern's Victorian Frock Coat
+ Victorian Vest for Boys

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*Note* All Children's Sizes Are The Same - Boys & Girls

Fabric Content:
Self: 100% Polyester Gaberdine
Lining: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Twill

Cleaning Instructions:
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* Most items made from polyester can be machine washed and dried.
* Use warm water and add a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle.
* Machine dry at low temperature setting and remove articles as soon as the tumbling cycle is complete.
* If ironing is needed, use a moderately warm iron.
* Most items made from polyester can be dry-cleaned.

The outer shell is 100% polyester and will not shrink, however the lining is 65% polyester 35% twill cotton and may shrink a little if washed in hot water.

We recommend that this garment be dry-cleaned to maintain best possible shape and look.

All of our coats are in longs, so that they may be adjusted to fit arm length.

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