Children's Athena/Minerva Grecian/Roman Goddess Of Wisdom Costume

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Includes: Short sleeve full length V-neck toga with metallic trim, red satin shoulder sash, matching red brocade waist sash and gold & black braid rope belt. This classic Athena Goddess Costume also comes with a gold coin necklace.

Not included: helmet, shield, and spear.

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The Greek gods are known around the world, just like the learnings, history, and classical stories of Ancient Greece. Though some Greek gods are better known than others, there is perhaps no goddess better known than Athena. The goddess of wisdom and warfare, Athena protected cities throughout Ancient Greece and was the patron of the city of Athens.


Athena’s mythology begins with her birth. It’s believed that Athena was birthed from her father Zeus’ herd. When the city of Athens was founded, Athena beat Poseidon in a battle for the city’s patronage — and Athena created the world’s first olive tree as a result. Known as a heroine herself, Athena is believed to have helped Greek heroes like Heracles and Perseus achieve their accomplishments. Athena even appears in Homer’s Iliad, causing the Trojan War thanks to a feud with Hera and Aphrodite. 


The Ancient Greeks adored Athena so much that many temples dedicated to her filled Athens and other city-states throughout the empire. The Parthenon, one of Greece’s most famous monuments, is dedicated to the warrior goddess. Soldiers entered battle under Athena’s guidance, and the goddess became a symbol of democracy as well as classical education.


An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes Ancient History collection of quality costume clothing, this children’s Athena costume is authentic to Ancient Greece and the attire worn by the Greek goddess herself. You’ll look just like Athena when you don this historically accurate costume set. To capture Athena’s traditional Greek attire accurately, this costume includes a full-length white tunic dress with split bell sleeves, a matching shoulder drape with contrasting Grecian trim, a contrasting side drape (detachable), and a matching Grecian headpiece.


This high-quality Athena costume can be used for historical school events, play, or simply a fun day of life in Ancient Greece as a famed goddess of legend and lore. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this kids’ Athena Famous Greek costume is built to last.


All components of our Children's Athena Greek Goddess Costume may be purchased separately.

White V-Neck Tunic - HC-580A-1100
Red Brocade Waist Sash - HC-509A-402
Red Satin Shoulder Sash - HC-580ASD-10
Gold & Black Rope Belt - HCA-0050
Roman Helmet - 78-4015F
Roman Shield - 47-120GD
Coin Necklace - 6946-A14
Roman Spear - 1574

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You’ll look just like the virgin goddess when you don this historically accurate costume set.

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