Children's Queen Esther Children's Biblical Costume

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Includes: Creme colored long kaftan dress has decorative cutout sleeves with braid trim at bottom of dress, and a sheer emerald green shoulder drape that is attached at the top of the dress. We also include a gold queen's crown, matching jeweled necklace, and long flowing red satin queen cloak.

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Though the Bible tells the story of salvation and forgiveness through the life of Jesus Christ, there are many other important figures whose lives made an impact on Christianity and the world. From faithful followers to exemplary people, the Bible is filled with the stories of individuals who still serve as important examples today. And some of those important people, particularly those of the Old Testament, are also reminders of history.


Ancient history and the stories of biblical times are filled with the names of brave and famous men. Yet women made an impact too, often serving as examples of strength and faith. Queen Esther was one such strong woman. The heroine of the book of the Bible named in her honor, Esther plays a role in both the Hebrew and Christian bibles. In Esther’s story, the future Queen came from humble beginnings. As a young woman, Esther lied in exile because of her Jewish background. Torn from her home, Esther had nothing. While in exile, she was chosen as the new wife of King Ahasuerus, king of the Persian Empire.


Beautiful and obedient according to biblical stories, Esther quickly won the king’s favor. He fell in love with Esther, though she was hiding her Jewish identity. Esther became the Queen of Persia, ruling alongside the king. But her happiness was short-lived — Esther’s family history is discovered, and the king’s men devised a plot to kill the Jewish people. Unable to turn to the king for fear of revealing herself, Esther fears for everyone’s life.


Yet Queen Esther was determined to take action and save her people.  Despite the risk she faced herself, Esther went to King Ahasuerus and asks for help. The king agrees to help her, and ends up coming to Queen Esther’s aid when he learns that it was his own trusted men who plotted her death and that of the Jewish people. For this, Queen Esther is revered and remembered as resourceful, talented, and brave. It was Esther who helped the exiled Jewish people survive, and today she is celebrated on the holiday of Purim. 


An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes Biblical and Ancient History collection of quality costume clothing, this children’s Queen Esther costume is authentic to the attire worn by the Persian Queen during biblical times. You’ll look just like Esther when you don this historically accurate costume set. To capture the traditional royal attire of Ancient Persia accurately, this costume includes a long, creme colored caftan (also known as a robe) with long sleeves featuring decorative cutouts. The bottom of the caftan has a braid trim attached, while an emerald green shoulder drape is attached to the top. Also included are accessories fit for a queen: a gold crown, matching jeweled necklace, and long red satin cloak. 


This high-quality Queen Esther costume can be used for historical school events, play, or simply a fun day of life as a biblical-era queen. It’s also the perfect costume for children who want to dress the part in their next Christmas pageant or holiday play. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this children’s Queen Esther biblical costume is built to last.


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In ancient times men did not wear trousers, and women did not wear skirts. There were no shirts or blouses such as we wear today, either. Both sexes usually wore flowing garments comparable to the modern woman's dress.

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