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Victorian Vampire Costume

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Our kids victorian vampire costume is a Heritage Costumes Exclusive, made with pride in the U.S.A.

Includes: satin purple brocade* two piece dress, contrasting velvet inset with adjustable side panniers.

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The vampires we know today originated in the Victorian era, the 18th and 19th centuries. Vampires were rumored to be animated corpses come back to life to terrorize the living — but some cultures believed these creatures who walked among us and sucked the blood of the living were malevolent spirits possessing corpses. The Victorian, or Gothic, era believed so strongly in vampires that it led to mass hysteria, the practice of staking corpses, and even accusations and executions of supposed vampires. 


Vampires, however, have haunted the world for millennia, stretching from the dark depths of our imaginations into movies, television shows, and, of course, literature. Though most are familiar with Dracula, often considered the original vampire thanks to Bram Stoker’s famous novel of the same name, he wasn’t the very first vampire to walk the earth. In fact, centuries before Dracula appeared in the pages of the quintessential 1897 novel, vampires existed in various ancient cultures. The Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, Romans, and more believed strongly in vampires. Yet it was Bram Stoker’s Dracula who gave us both the “classic” vampire image of Victorian Gothic horror as well as today’s modern vampire tales in all different mediums. 


An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes collection of historical clothing, this Victorian-era costume is authentic to the fashion and style of 19th century Europe and America. This Victorian vampire costume set includes a Victorian-style satin purple brocade two-piece dress with adjustable side panniers for a truly classic vampire look. 


Of course, every Victorian-era vampire is made authentic in the details. Add accessories (not included with the vampire costume itself) like our white lace fan and vampire fangs that are also available in our Heritage Costumes line of accessories to enhance your costume and to create your very own personalized look. We offer accessories and details that can turn this Victorian vampire costume into the perfect frightening costume, perfectly suited for an upcoming pageant, play, or school history lesson.


This high-quality costume can be used for Victorian-themed school events, a history lesson, or simply a fun day of dressing up as an 19th century vampire in the 1800s. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this Victorian vampire costume is built to last.

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Victorian Dress for Kids
+ Vamp Fangs + Evening Wear Black Nylon Gloves
White Lace Folding Fan

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Fabric Content:
Self: 100% Polyester Shell
Lining: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Prints: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Faux Suede 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Trims: Very/Polyester & Cotton Blend
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