Side Burns

Civil War Mutton Chops Brown

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Includes: One size, synthetic pair of self-adhesive mutton chops.


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All human hair or synthetic hair pieces may be applied by using either spirit gum or two-way tape.
Theatrical Mustaches are Easy to Apply:

*Apply Mustache and Beard with self-adhesive to your face and hold for a few seconds.
*Once you are done, remove slowly, use soap and water to remove residue.
*The Mustache may be used again with a new strip of self-adhesive.
These instructions are for false mustaches and hair pieces.

Soak the mustache or hair piece in a tub of warm water with either baking soda, very mild shampoo or Woolite.  Swish around in the water to make sure all parts of the mustache is exposed to the cleaning agent. Refill tub with water and 1/4 cup hair conditioner. Soak mustache or hair piece. Lightly rinse and lay on a towel to dry. When dry, you can gently shake it. It should fall back into its original style.

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