Colonial Boy's Fringed Hunting Frock Coat

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Includes:18th Century Long Fringed Hunting Frock Coat. (Belt not included.)

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A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

By the 1700s, European colonists in America began making their way across the Blue Ridge Mountains, stretching from Pennsylvania through North Carolina, where they began forging respectful, albeit tenuous, relationships with the Native American population.  It was in the back country of North Carolina that Daniel Boone, the greatest icon of the American frontier, made his home in the 1750s. Like many other settlers in the area, Boone supported his family as a hunter and trapper, collecting hides and pelts for the European market. “Red” or summer deer skins were in enormous demand around the world as leather breeches, which became popular for the gentleman wanting to dress the part of country squires. Hunters, needing a light summer garment to wear while hunting, developed a cheap and easy to make hunting frock. The unique design was made out of cheap linen or deerskin and combined the lightness and protection of the European work smock, with an accessible front opening with decorative fringe of the Eastern Woodland Tribes. The front of the smock overlapped and was held in place with a sash or a belt, forming a sort of pocket which hunters used to carry their food and other supplies. Variations of this frock, worn by both Europeans and Native Americans alike, were Daniel Boone’s clothing of choice. Combined with a pair of fringed breeches, and a coonskin cap this style became his trademark. The Hunting Fock remained a regional garment until the outbreak of the French and Indian War when Boone and other back country boys volunteered for the North Carolina militia, introducing the military to their uniquely distinguished and practical mode of dress. In 1755 George Washington and Daniel Boone both served General Braddock; George as his senior American Aide and Boone as a wagoner. Washington was struck by the practical style of the hunting frock worn by Boone and when the American Revolution broke out twenty years later, he persuaded the Continental Congress to adopt the hunting frock as the first uniform of the American Army.

This high-quality Colonial Period Hunting Frock can be used for historical school events, play, or simply a fun day of exploring the mountains and wilderness at the turn of the century. Made with pride and care right in the United States.


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Fabric Content:
Self:100% Polyester Suede Cloth
Trim:100% Polyester Suede Cloth

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