White Revolutionary War Knickers

Colonial Men's White Knee Breeches

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Includes: Men’s White Polyester Gaberdine Colonial Knee Breeches

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Breeches were the only acceptable type of trousers or pants during the 1700s. Also referred to as colonial knickers, breeches were the fashionable choice in the 18th century. A pair of knickers covered the body from the waist down to the knees.

All colonial men, from famed revolutionaries like the Founding Fathers to renowned historical men such as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, wore breeches as the very base of their formal and casual attire. Men and young boys alike wore colonial knickers, and it was an important rite of passage for a boy to graduate from infant’s clothing to a pair of breeches — a pair of knee-breeches transitioned children into men. Once a boy reached age six or seven, he was presented with his first pair of breeches, signaling his move towards adulthood. In turn, colonial pants became a symbol of America’s growth and evolution in its earliest years. Men followed George Washington, America’s first president, and a revolutionary war hero, who wore colonial breeches when he took to the political stage and the battlefield.

With over (17) colors to choose from, these Colonial Knee Breeches come with an elastic waist and elastic at the bottom of each leg for easy adjustability.


Pair with our wide selection of colonial clothing parts and accessories to create your very own personalized colonial uniform.



Revolutionary War Breeches
+ Lace Jabot and Cuffs +
American Continental Army Uniform Jacket
+ Men's Colonial Waistcoat
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During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress established brown as the official color of American uniforms. Brown never really caught on with the troops, however. Officers generally preferred blue, and by 1778, so did the members of the Army.

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100% Polyester

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