Confederate Officer's Revolver and Holster

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Includes: One solid die cast replica revolver with plastic handle grip, and orange tip. A grey plastic holster, and nylon belt.

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 Complete your Confederate Soldier or Officer costume with this great replica accessory.

Civil War Pistols were multi shot weapons that were used primarily by officers and cavalrymen.

Confederate troops relied on the .36 caliber Navy revolver as thier mainstay.

Although using these pistols was nice because of the multiple shots. They had some drawbacks.

They were difficult and slow to reload making them somewhat of a burden to even use.

These pistols did not have fully encased bullets. They were simply nothing more than powder,paper and a bullet rammed into place with a ram rod which was stored under the barrel.

They were loaded the same way as the rifled musket. Except you had to do the process five or six times instead of just once.

Now that can get a little tedious.

Not to mention their range was not very far at all compared to a rifle.

The ordinary infantryman could carry and use one but he would have to buy it with his own money, because they were not standard issue weapons in either army.


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United States Replica grey holster. Break loading cap pistol. Removable cylinder. Plastic handle grips on solid Die cast metal repeater cap pistol. Engraved finish. 9.5 inches long. Fires 8 Shot Ring Caps.

Recommended for Children 6 +


Do not fire near eyes or ears

Do not use indoors

Never point or shoot at living beings

Should be used under Adult supervision.

Choking Hazard for Children under the age of 3 due to small part.