Joseph Children's Nativity Costume

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Includes: Children's V-Neck Caftan (Robe) with/yellow placket and full sleeves, Sudra (headscarf), and matching striped waist sash.

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A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Though so much of the story around Jesus’ birth centers around the Virgin Mary, there’s another figure important in both the birth and young life of the Bible’s central figure: Joseph. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus, the man entrusted to raise the Son of God. Just as the angels guided Mary, so too did they guide Joseph to marry his wife, to trust in his role as Jesus’ father on earth, and to take his young family to safety out of Bethlehem. Joseph was also a carpenter, or skilled craftsman who worked with wood to shape creations by hand. He obeyed God in the face of severe humiliation and always did the right thing before God, in the right manner. Today, Joseph is recognized as Saint Joseph in some religious traditions and is viewed as a model for fathers.

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes Biblical and Ancient History collection of quality costume clothing, this children’s Joseph robe nativity costume is authentic to the traditional robes worn by the men of ancient and biblical times. You’ll look just like Joseph the biblical character as well as other men of ancient history when you don this historically accurate costume set. To capture the traditional attire of the ancient era accurately, this costume includes a single caftan (also known as a robe) with full, long sleeves. Also included are Sudra (a head scarf) and a multicolored shoulder sash.

Of course, men like Joseph also wore sandals and often carried items that related to their field of work. While Joseph himself was a carpenter, his attire is somewhat similar to that of ancient shepherds and others. Add accessories (not included with the Joseph robe nativity costume itself) like our biblical sandals or shepherd staff that are also available in our Heritage Costumes line of accessories to enhance your costume and to create your very own personalized look. We offer accessories and details that can turn this Joseph robe into any ancient or biblical costume, perfectly suited for your upcoming pageant or play.

This high-quality Joseph robe costume can be used for historical school events, play, or simply a fun day of life during the years of biblical characters and ancient people. It’s also the perfect costume for children who want to dress the part in their next Christmas pageant or holiday play. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this kids’ Joseph robe nativity historical costume is built to last.

Note: Not included, but a must for any young father are the shepherd staff and biblical sandals accessories.

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In ancient times men did not wear trousers and women did not wear skirts. There were no shirts or blouses like we wear today, either. Both sexes usually wore flowing garments comparable to the modern woman's dress.

Fabric Content:
Self: 100% Polyester Shell
Lining: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Prints: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Faux Suede 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Trims: Very/Polyester & Cotton Blend

Cleaning Instructions:
* Most items made from polyester/cotton blend treat as polyester.
* Most items made from polyester can be machine washed and dried.
* Use warm water and add a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle.
* Machine dry at low temperature setting and remove articles as soon as the tumbling cycle is complete.
* If ironing is needed, use a moderately warm iron.
* Most items made from polyester can be dry-cleaned

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