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Julius Caesar Wig Brown

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Includes: One Size, synthetic hair brown Roman wig with mesh inset wig cap.

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The Roman Hairstyles for men changed over the years. In early times the Romans wore their hair long but after the introduction of barbers into Italy about B.C. 300, it became the practice to wear their hair short. A full head of hair was prized by Roman men and Julius Caesar went to great pains to hide his thinning hair. It is said that of all the honors decreed to Caesar by the senate he was best pleased with that of always wearing a laurel crown, because it covered his baldness, which was considered a deformity.

This wig is perfect for men who want to replicate the iconic Roman hairstyle made popular by depictions of Julius Caesar.

Lead all of Rome with this, One Size, synthetic hair Roman wig with mesh inset wig cap.


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The status of the Roman men was reflected in their style of clothes.

Washing Instructions:

Add a dash of mild shampoo and swish gently in cold water.

Rinse Throughly in cold water.

Do not brush when wet and drip dry.

Brush into desired style after wig is completely dry.

Do not use curling irons or curling kits.