Native Warrior Bracelet

Native Warrior Bracelet

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Includes: Rows of oval-shaped wooden beads, ties with strips of brown faux suede.
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If you're looking for a simple way to accessorize your American Indian Costume, consider this Beaded Indian Bracelet.  It looks like an authentic Native American bracelet and will add that little extra, to complete your Native American Costume.


Indian Bracelet + Wig Cap for Adults + Indian Princess Hat
Native American Wig + Indian Choker

Buy Adult Wig Cap, American Indian Headband, Native American Indian Maiden Wig, Native Warrior Neckpiece and get Native Warrior Bracelet at an additional 15% off our everyday low price.

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There were many different Native American tribes and those with similar characteristics formed a main tribe or nation. Each had its own language, religion, and customs.

Step #1 - Mix one part soap with three parts lukewarm water in a small bowl or glass. Use a gentle soap, since harsher soaps may contain chemicals that will damage your jewelry.
Step #2 - Dip the soft-bristled baby toothbrush into the soap and water solution. Alternatively, you may use a cotton swab.
Step #3 - Tap the brush on the side of the glass or bowl to remove excess solution. Use the least amount of solution possible on your jewelry.
Step #4 - Gently brush the gems, beads, and metal of your jewelry with the brush or swab. Apply light pressure to avoid loosening any glue or enameling.
Step #5 - Rinse your jewelry under lukewarm water. Try to perform this step quickly. Water can damage costume jewelry, so you must not immerse it for long.
Step #6 - Gently blot excess moisture off the piece with a soft, dry cloth.
Step #7 - Lay your jewelry out on a paper towel and finish drying it with a hairdryer. Use the dryer's cool setting, since heat can damage some costume jewelry.
Step #8 - Polish the piece with a soft, dry cloth.

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