Victorian White Satin Gloves

Opera Length White Satin Gloves

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Includes: One pair of 8 BL - opera length satin gloves. One Size fits most. (adult women, will fit smaller mens hands and larger children).

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The classic elegance of opera length gloves with the easy fit and care of satin. Great for Flappers, Colonial Women, Victorian Women and many other Period Costumes.


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Gloves may appear to be an innocent article of dress, but they actually have one of the most thought-provoking histories of all garments. In the past, like present day, gloves were worn to protect the hands and as a fashion accessory, but what makes them so special is that they have a long history of being associated with numerous customs, practices, rituals and symbolisms.

Our Glove is measured from the tip of the middle finger to the top hem of the glove.

2BL = 9 inches - Wrist Length
8BL = 15 inches - Mid-Length
12BL= 19 inches - Elbow Length
16BL = 22 inches- Opera Length

Satin Lycra gloves will stretch to fit most hands.
Nylon gloves have a small amount of stretch.
Lace gloves have a small amount of stretch.
Cotton gloves very little stretch.

All gloves are machine wash, dry on low heat.

Note: Cotton gloves will shrink if washed in hot water or hot dryer.