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Pancho Villa Men's Pant

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Includes: A pair of pull-on period pinstripe trousers. Trouser has an elastic waist for comfort fit. Pants do not have pockets.

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Those who participate in a revolution are often viewed by history as heroes. No matter their cause, their fight for justice or for freedom, revolutionaries are symbols of perseverance and tough tenacity. And, like so many other revolutionaries fighting for their beliefs and their countries, Pancho Villa became a symbol and an inspiration for others.


Pancho Villa isn’t as universally lauded as many other revolutionary heroes — in fact, his life and his work still divide historians’ opinions today. Born in June 1878 in San Juan del Rio, Durango, Mexico, Pancho Villa grew up on a farm. At age 15, his father died, leaving Pancho to take on the role of his father and care for the household. Immediately, the young man found himself turning to violence. When a man harassed one of his sisters, Pancho Villa shot and killed him. Afraid he’d face punishment, Pancho ran away and hid in the mountains. Within a short time, he became a bandit and began living with fellow fugitives. Little is known about Villa’s life as a fugitive. He worked in a Chihuahua mine during the 1890s, stole cattle, robbed banks, and stealing from wealthy Mexicans. Villa’s criminal record grew fast, but he was skilled at evading the law. 


Pancho Villa found himself in the spotlight in 1910, however. As a fugitive, Villa became a member of Francisco Madero’s uprising against Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz. Pancho Villa became a useful member of the uprising, helping Madero win battles and take cities. Within just two years, Villa helped Madero overthrow dictator Diaz and take charge as the president of a new government. Villa himself was awarded the title of colonel for his dedication. Unfortunately for Villa, Madero wasn’t a kind leader — he quickly established a regime of his very own, scorning allies like Villa. And the new president ordered Pancho Villa to be imprisoned and executed. 


So, Villa returned to what he knew best: revolution. Along with other former supporters of Madero, Pancho Villa escaped from prison and built a new team dedicated to overthrowing the new president. Villa’s previous revolution experience proved invaluable, and the rebels quickly took control of northern Mexico. With his band of men, nicknamed Division del Norte, Villa fought battles and faced off with the president’s army. And in doing so, he won the support of the United States. The U.S. sent Villa military and political support, helping the Mexican bandit take down yet another Mexican leader in President Carranza by 1914. 


Unfortunately for the U.S., Pancho Villa was loyal to no one. He quickly turned on the nation’s help, killing and kidnapping Americans and raiding cities in New Mexico. However, with great convincing, Pancho Villa was encouraged by the U.S. and Mexican president Adolfo de la Huerta to “retire” as a revolutionary. It was only then that this rebellious character put away his desire for fighting and began to live a quiet life.


An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes collection of quality costume clothing, this pair of pants is authentic to the late 1800s and the attire worn by Pancho Villa, the renowned Mexican Revolutionary general. You’ll look just like the storied bandit when you don this historically accurate costume set. To capture Villa’s military uniform accurately, this pair of costume pants feature pinstripes and an elastic waist for a comfortable fit. No pockets are included on the pants. You’ll look the part of a top general in the Mexican Revolutionary War with this costume jacket straight out of the 19th century.


This high-quality Pancho Villa pant can be used for a period ball, historical reenactment, masquerade, or simply a fun day of pretending to be a Mexican general fighting for change during the 19th century. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this pair of Pancho Villa pants is built to last. 

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