Red Head Sarf

Red Headscarf Bandana

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Includes: A 100% Cotton Red Triangle Bandana, Measuring Roughly 24" x 36" x 24"   and is Offered in a Wide Variety of Colors.

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Early North America history centers around the animal skin trade and American Western Expansion. North of present-day Mexico, the vast territory of the United States and Canada was explored, wars were fought, and Indian cultures destroyed in the pursuit of beaver skins and buffalo hides. Despite the European fur trade encompassing a wide variety of fur-bearing animals, mountain men and the mountain man rendezvous are virtually synonymous with beaver. The vast majority of the beaver pelts were sent to England for making hats. For well over two centuries in Britain and Western Europe the beaver hat defined style. From the early 1600s to the mid-1830s, if it was not a beaver, it was not a hat–but merely something to cover one’s head. Many of these early fur traders and mountain men wore a headcloth underneath their coonskin caps to absorb perspiration, on long summer days. As for many colonial settlers, the only source of “cash money” was furs and hides.

Be sure to don this red scarf, underneath your fur-skin cap, in search of beaver, as you travel through the Rocky Mountains.


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Red Head Bandana + Black Powder Horn + Moutian Men Possibles Bag
Faux Fur Neck Wrap + Davy Crockett Hat

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