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Roman Centurion Helmet

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Includes: A one size classic Roman Centurion styled Helm with two protective flaps extending from the sides, and horsehair plume.

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This fully wearable Roman Centurion Helmet is from 100 B.C. to 300 A.D. Prominent officers of the Imperial Roman guard were the Centurions, each in charge of 100 men, hence the name "century." Centurion Generals wore adorned plumed helms that were visible in battle.  It made the officer stand out to his men while offering the illusion of height that helped him appear more commanding.

Help extend the Roman Empire during the days of Julius Caesar, and Mark Anthony, with this rugged, polished, 16 gauge, carbon steel replica Roman Centurion offers helmet.


  • Roman Officer's Helmet.
  • Made With Polished Carbon Steel Brass Fittings.
  • Plume is Made From Red Dyed Horse'S Hair.
  • Height W/ Crest: 20 " Crest: Removable Width: 7.5 " Width of Plume: 16 "
  • Note In a helmet, the top of your head can be a susceptible spot. After all, the whole weight of the helm is sitting there! The Padded Helmet Cap, available in the Bundled Products, is the perfect way to improve the fit and comfort factor of almost any helmet.

Helmets will often come coated in oil when you receive them. The oil helps to prevent rust and tarnishing while shipping the item. This is a good way to protect items when not in use, but you don't want to get oil all over you when you are using it.

How to clean off the oil

The best way to remove this oil is by using lacquer thinner to clean it off then let it air dry. You can then test it with a cotton cloth to see if you've gotten off all of the oil. You are now ready to use your item!

Storing your item

Since helmets that are not made from stainless steel are prone to rust, it is recommended that you re-coat the item if you are going to store it for any extended amount of time. A coat of WD-40 should work well.


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