Gold Colored Roman Laurel Wreath

Roman Laurel Wreath

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Includes: One Size, Laurel Roman Headpiece only.


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Roman crowns and wreaths were adopted by the Romans from the Greeks and the Spartans.

The Roman Crowns and Wreaths worn by Emperors were called Corona Radiata. These were also given to the gods and deified heroes. They were worn by some emperors as a token of their own divinity. The likenesses of Roman Emperors wearing Corona Radiata are seen on the coins of Trajan, Caligula and Marcus Aurelius.

Roman Crowns and Wreaths were referred to as a 'corona' meaning crown or a 'sertum' meaning a garland or wreath. Golden crowns, without any particular designation, were frequently presented out of compliment by one individual to another, and by a general to a soldier who had in any way distinguished himself.


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