Roman Legion Helmet Silver

Roman Legion Helmet Silver

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Includes: A classic Roman Trooper styled Helm with two protective flaps extending from the sides. Made from quality vacuform plastic with silver-colored rivets and subtle decorations.

Not Included: Best Worn with Padded Helmet Cap, available in the Bundled Products below.  It is the perfect way to improve the fit and comfort factor of almost any helmet.

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Even the regular Roman soldier was a well-equipped and well-trained soldier. They were armed and armored, with most soldiers even wearing the Roman Trooper Helmet in order to provide the most protection possible on the field of battle. This helmet has the original look and feel of a classic Roman helmet, featuring a rounded cap with a visor, as well as a protective tail in the rear, located at the base of the neck. The forehead of the helmet features a protective rim, while the sides of the helmet features hinged flap protection, designed to cover and protect the face. The helmet is made from heavey gauge vacuform plastic and features attractive silver accents, including circular accents located on the flap protectors and along the forehead rim of the helmet. silver also accents the rim of the helmet's forehead and open ears.

This classic Roman Trooper Helmet wasn't designed to be pretty but rather it was designed for effectiveness, protecting a trooper's head without compromising his effectiveness.
This replica of the classic Roman Legionnaire helmet offers solid plastic construction with a 5" neck protector. This is an authentic looking replica of the head-amour worn by thousands of Roman troops fighting to extend the Roman Empire during the days of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

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Military helmets date from ancient times. Their basic function was to protect the head, face, and sometimes the neck from projectiles and the cutting blows of swords, spears, arrows, and other weapons.

Some: Helmets, armor, ands words are made of heavy vacuform plastic.

The best way to clean, is to wash with warm soapy water, then rinse and let air dry. You are now ready to reuse your item.

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