Steampunk Monocle

Steampunk Monocle

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Includes: Gold metal framed Steampunk monocle wait a gear design on the lens with attached black cord.

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This monocle mimics a style that was popular with the rich and elite; it features a gold colored wire frame with gallery. A gallery, in the case of a monocle, is a raised like extension along the frame of the monocle, which serves the purpose of raising the monocle away from the eye, so that eyelashes and facial expressions are less likely to jar the monocle out of place. This monocle also includes a cord, so that it is not easily lost or dropped.  The best way to wear this monocle is to feel around your eye and find the ridges of your eye socket. Place the top metal edge against the top socket ridge and pop in the bottom close to the bottom ridge.  Or, simply make a surprised look and gently push in the monocle, then relax your face!

A special added touch to any Victorian Steampunk outfit.


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Science fiction set in an alternate version of the historic past, especially 19th-century England, and involving advanced technologies usually based on steam power.

Not for protective or vision purpose: Theatrical use only.

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