Biblical Children's Red Kaftan Robe

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Includes: Full sleeve Deep Red Satin kaftan (under robe).

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A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

The clothing of the people in Biblical times was made from wool, linen, animal skins, and perhaps silk. Most events in the Old and New Testament take place in Ancient Israel, and thus most Biblical clothing is ancient Hebrew clothing. They wore underwear and cloth skirts.

Complete descriptions of the styles of dress among the people of the Bible is impossible because the material at hand is insufficient. Assyrian and Egyptian artists portrayed what is believed to be the clothing of the time, but there are few depictions of Israelite garb. One of the few available sources of Israelite clothing is the Bible.

Through its dissemination and evolution, the kaftan has acquired different styles, purposes, and names depending on the culture. In many regions with a warm climate, the kaftan is worn as a light-weight, loose-fitting garment, while in some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty.

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes Biblical and Ancient History collection of quality costume clothing, our kids’ Biblical Under Robe is authentic to the traditional robes worn by the men of ancient and biblical times. You’ll look just like a New Testament character as well as other men of the Bible when you don this historically accurate bible robe. To capture the traditional attire of the ancient era accurately, this biblical robe includes gold caftan (under robe).


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In ancient times men did not wear trousers, and women did not wear skirts. There were no shirts or blouses such as we wear today, either. Both sexes usually wore flowing garments comparable to the modern woman's dress.

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