Greek Spartan Hoplite Spear

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Includes: A plastic Greek Spartan Spear with silver-toned tip and is approximately 60" long when fully assembled. Comes in 5 pieces that twist together.

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The Spear was the main offensive weapon of the Greek Spartan Hoplite warrior,  it was approx. 6-9 feet long and made of ash wood specifically chosen because of its lightness and strength.  The front leaf-shaped spearhead blade was made of razor-sharp iron and on the back end, a bronze butt-spike (sauroter meaning “lizard killer”) was attached to help counterbalance the weight. The butt spike’s main purpose was to plant the spear in the ground upright when not in use (this is why bronze was used because it didn’t rust as easily as iron).  It could also serve as a secondary weapon if the spear was broken and the front iron blade was lost or damaged.  Thirdly it was used as a plunging weapon by the rear ranks of the phalanx.  While the Spartans held their spears in the upright vertical position as they pushed the front ranks forward.  Marching over wounded enemies they would stab down at the fallen to make sure they were dead and not just wounded.  It also kept enemy sappers from faking an injury and lying down so they could get back up behind the phalanx once it had passed over them to attack from the rear.  After row upon row of hoplites jabbed and trampled the downed enemy while stepping over them, the unfortunate foe was full of punctured stab wounds, crushed and quite dead.

You will be ready for combat with this plastic replica Hoplite Spear, with silver toned spearhead blade, with an attached red piece of fabric, signifying battle. The Greek Spartan Spear is approximately 60" long when fully assembled.


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The ancient Greeks and Romans were among the best at documenting the adventures of their heroes. These tales tell the stories of many of the biggest names in ancient history as well as its greatest triumphs and tragedies.

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