Conquistadoe Helmet

Spanish Explorer Conquistador Helmet

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Includes, Silver Morion (Conquistador) Helmet.

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The morion helmet was introduced to warriors across Europe in the 16th and early 17th centuries. It became a huge hit among fighters for its level of protection, and the Comb Morion Helmet was particularly favored by both the English and the Spanish. In fact, it was favored so much that even officers and generals came to wear them, although as befitting individuals of high status and rank, their helmets were typically engraved and ornamented to show off personal rank and status. This helmet is one befitting a more common soldier, featuring little in the way of unnecessary decoration and being extremely protective. The helmet features a round crown with angled edges and a curving brim, giving this helmet a hat-like appearance that is none-the-less extremely effective for defense. The crown of the helmet also features a tall ridge.

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Light Weight Plastic Vacuum form Molded Helmet.  9" tall, 10" Wide, 15" Long - One Size fits up to XL Head

Hand washes with warm soapy water. Towel dry.

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