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Vampire Sabers Deluxe Long Vampire Sabers

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Scarecrow fangs are truly the most realistic, custom fit fangs on the planet. Each kit comes with everything you need to customize your fangs for years of use! Once they are customized they simply pop in and out with no messy glues or adhesives!

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Scarecrow Custom Fit Saber Vampire Fangs - Extra Long

These are WAY COOL! Saber Fangs use the same incredible molding system of the regular natural Scarecrow Fangs. These are hard to not notice! If you are looking for that dramatic EXTRA LONG Vampire look these are the fangs for you! These are always in stock and ready to ship!

These are not your typical vampire fangs! Extra long for a much more dramatic look!

About Sizing

Scarecrow makes several different sizes of fang caps. The most common size is the Scarecrow Natural Fangs ( which are featured on this page ). If you have regular sized teeth then these are the ones for you. If you have smaller teeth then you want to get the Scarecrow Subtle Fangs.

Scarecrow fangs are not meant to be used over braces, caps, crowns or dentures. Recommended for ages 14+

Are they re-usable?:

Absolutely! Once customized they make a perfect impression of your tooth inside the cap. You simply snap them in and out whenever you want! Good for years of use!

Can I eat with my fangs in?:

You probably could. But we don't advise it just in case you accidentally swallow one.
Where are these made?:

Right here in the USA!

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