Victorian Vampire Eye Glasses

Victorian Vampire Eye Glasses

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Includes: Simple theatrical spectacles with metal frames, red theatrical lens, with comfort bridge

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The vampires we know today originated in the Victorian era, the 18th and 19th centuries. Vampires were rumored to be animated corpses come back to life to terrorize the living — but some cultures believed these creatures who walked among us and sucked the blood of the living were malevolent spirits possessing corpses. The Victorian, or Gothic, era believed so strongly in vampires that it led to mass hysteria, the practice of staking corpses, and even accusations and executions of supposed vampires.

Of course, every Gothic vampire needs to be authentic in every detail. Add accessories like our Victorian glasses to accomplish that everlasting look.,


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See things differently with these period Victorian Period spectacles.

Clean with nonabrasive micro fiber cleaning cloth.