Purple Round Spectacles

Vintage Victorian Round Spectacles Purple

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Includes: Simple theatrical spectacles with round metal frames. All metal construction, purple theatrical lens, with comfort bridge.

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Historically most people didn't wear eyeglasses or spectacles. They were a sign of old age and weakness. Most people lived with their impaired vision unless they could afford glasses.

In the early 1800s, store-bought eyeglasses or spectacles came in a variety of colors, and shapes. These glasses were made of heavy iron, steel, and silver.  At the start of the 1830's the fledgling American spectacle manufacturing industry began producing thinner, lighter-weight glasses. Oval, round, octagon and oblong shaped styles gained popularity and began to dominate the market.  Colored glass was used and usually for special reasons. Blue or black, were made for people riding the trains in the 19th century.  Shooter's specs were amber colored and green. They were not stylish like today.

All of our theatrical eyeglasses or spectacles are styles that were readily available and in common use during the 19th-Century period. They are the perfect addition to many of our  Steampunk, Civil War, Victorian Period Costumes, and Outfits.


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