Bat Materson Costume

William Barclay "Bat" Masterson Western Costume

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Includes: full-length black denim duster, black felt western hat, and white shirt.

NOT INCLUDED, but a must for any Marshall of the Old West: Western Gun HolsterMarshall BadgeWestern Six Shooter, and Cowboy Boots.

Our Adult Bat Masterson Costume is a Heritage Costumes exclusive. Made with pride and quality in the USA.

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A Heritage Costumes Exclusive.

Heritage Costumes has created a professional line of historical clothing and costumes. We specialize in authentic looking fashion and style. These high quality costumes are built to last, and can be used for many different characters and periods throughout history.

The tall tales of America’s western frontier are the stuff of legends — but even more impressively, many of the stories told about the Old West are true. From brave frontier men who built the railroad to families that faced new dangers in this unknown territory to the lawmen who kept towns safe from new kinds of criminals, the western territories of the U.S. in the mid 1800s to early 1900s were filled with surprises and tales of heroism. One of the best-known heroes of the West was William Barclay Masterson, a man better known as Bat Masterson.

A U.S. Army veteran, lawman of the Old West, gambler, and famed journalist, William Barclay “Bat” Masterson is best remembered for his feats and fights during the 19th century out west. Though he grew up in Quebec, Masterson headed to America and went west as a young man. Within just a few years, Masterson was known as a skilled buffalo hunter, accurate scout, and a bold Indian fighter on the frontier. He also found himself getting into gunfights regularly, fending off attacks as a sheriff’s deputy in Texas and Kansas.

What truly made “Bat” Masterson a hero of the Old West was his time in Dodge City, Kansas. Masterson was a skilled gunfighter, and he found himself involved in some of the most famous shootouts of the West. Masterson arrived in Dodge City in the 1870s, and he fast became a fighter. In 1877, Masterson was elected county sheriff. Less than a year later, Sheriff Bat Masterson arrested Dave Rudabaugh and Ed West, two notorious train robbers. Masterson continued rounding up wanted train robbers, but the criminals fought back and shot Masterson’s brother, Ed. In response, Bat Masterson began a shoot out with the thieves. Along with his posse of men, which included famed Westerners Wyatt Earp and Bill Tilghman, Masterson from then on earned a reputation for fighting some of the Old West’s most notorious criminals.

At the end of his time in Dodge City, “Bat” Masterson headed to Colorado where he embarked on a new career in gambling. By the 1880s, Masterson was gambling on the biggest prizefighting matches in the U.S. — but he was ready to move on from the western frontier. He moved to New York City just after the turn of the century, where he spent the rest of his life writing for the New York Morning Telegraph as a beloved columnist and sports reporter. He never could shake his reputation as one of the Old West’s heroes, though, and Masterson became one of President Theodore Roosevelt’s “White House Gun Fighters” who acted as an advisor and friend to the president. 

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes collection of quality costume clothing, this adult William Barclay “Bat” Masterson costume is authentic to the 1800s and the attire worn by the sheriff’s deputy, and later sheriff, of the Old West himself. You’ll look just like the famous lawman when you don this historically accurate costume set. To capture Masterson’s attire accurately, this costume includes a black denim duster coat, a white shirt, and a western cowboy hat.

Of course, every Old West sheriff and lawman needs a few accessories to keep order in town, too. No western marshal during the 19th century went without his western gun holster, marshall’s badge, black formal pants, goatee, and revolver. If you’d like to enhance your Bat Masterson attire with our Heritage Costume accessories, you can pair this costume outfit with these options from our wide selection of added details to create your very own personalized costume.

This high-quality Bat Masterson costume can be used for a period ball, historical reenactment, masquerade, or simply experiencing a day in the life of an Old West sheriff during the 1800s. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this adult William Barclay “Bat” Masterson costume is built to last.


Adult Cowboy Costume
+ Mens Formal Pant
+ Old West Sheriff Badge
Western Spurs

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This Item: William Barclay "Bat" Masterson Western Costume
Men's Black Pant Black Trousers
Old West Sheriff Badge
Western Cowboy Spurs

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